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Originally Posted by Nyororin View Post
I`m happy to talk online with anyone who wants...
The girl who screwed us over seemed really serious... before she got here and for the first week or so. After that she seemed to think that by sitting around in her room, playing video games, and randomly flipping through our manga that she would somehow magically become fluent. I guess she believed Japan was some magical paradise where you never had to put forth any sort of effort to accomplish anything. When I forced her to go out and attend some free Japanese classes, she freaked out and started blaming me for ruining her trip to Japan and destroying her dream, etc etc.

It really sucked. Yes, real life does continue even when you`re in a different country.

And I guess I forgot to mention, I`m female. :P
wow that sucks. One should understand life is not layed out on a yellow brick road, that gives you an easy path to where you wish to be or want to have. and cool female XD

Is there any like technique as to learning japanese? Anything in particular you need to learn first? (this was a questionfrom my friend)
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