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Originally Posted by MioAkiyama View Post
Good morning. I hope you don't mind my asking, just out of curiosity, why would you want to learn Hebrew? I've heard some claim it to be the Lords tongue, (the language spoken directly by the Lord 'if you will') yet others have claimed it to the Arabic.

In the West, people tend to say that the Lord understands all languages, regardless of which is true, the fact is that these languages are region specific, ask anyone and they will say that English is an international language, internationally recognised.

I started off with broken English and Japanese, I suppose you could say that I spoke Japaenglish,

The English that I was thought in Japan was nothing compared to proper British English, as a child, 'when I got back from Japan' people would say my English was "cute" I realised that it was my pronunciation of certain English words, for instance, (Don't) I would unnecessarily extend the (T) and it would sound something like, Don't-ta, Heart-ta, Robert-ta. Before I noticed, it became habitual.

It was quite the task to overcome nevertheless I managed. I must say, I do somewhat miss it, thinking back on it, it probably did sound "cute", I suppose I could apply the effect intentionally.

On a side note, would you know if there is any Anime officially released with Hebrew Dubs? Sometimes just by watching films with subs can help better grasp a foreign language.

Haha, you're fluent in Japanese? Hit me up! But I want to learn Hebrew because it's a language I think that does not deserve to die, like it's popularly believed to be doing. I've a friend who agreed just yesterday to help me out. Hebrew's also a beautiful language and is spoken commonly in the Jewish community, which I'm quite close to. Yiddish is also a dying language, but I honestly think Hebrew's more useful. As for it being the Holy Language, it is if you're a Christian. The Holy Bible was first established in Hebrew. Some deny it and say it was Latin or something, but they're wrong.:/ Plus, it helps you get around better in Israel.
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