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06-16-2007, 06:47 PM

well im stayin for 3 months this trip, i finished school and i want to get my masters here, since i cant work with out a work visa.

Which is VERY hard to get w/o connections with some one who owns a company that sponsors.

I draw and i sketch but im not that good. i like to give a basic idea of what i want to my tattoo artist, and she is just amazing.

She'll turn my dinky sketches into a beautiful piece of work. I have to go on a day when she doesn't have alot of appointments b/c she makes a few sketches for me and usually ill pick one or 2 and then add new ideas to them.

Shes very understanding that a tattoo is meaningful and lasts forever so we go through many sketches and drawlings b4 things get right.

even if the end result is simple, it takes many sketches to get just the right one i like.

i dont want to just pick somthing out of a book.

as of now ill be here til august, then i return home to get my transcripts then mail them to Temple University Japan and then im going home to Vietnam in the fall to visit my family and then moving to Japan for a year and 1/2 to get my masters Degree in international business.

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