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09-28-2016, 01:37 PM

Non Japanese people might need some back ground information to enjoy "KIMI NO NA WA".

There is another movie having the same name "KIMI NO NA WA" released in 1953.

I do not mean anime version is based on 1953 version.

However, the legendary movie "KIMI NO NA WA" and its name remind Japanese people of some sentimental feeling.

As for the Body/Mind exchange, there are several ancestors like as "転校生:TENKOU-SEI; transfer student" released in 1982. It is kind of comedy in school life. Anime version of "KIMI NO NA WA" is far beyond "TENKO- SEI".

1953 version of "KIMI NO NA WA":

Haruki and Machiko incidentally met at the shelter in Tokyo under bombing of USAF in WWII. They promised to meet again after 6 months if they could survive and left the shelter without telling their names each other.

This movie is based on the radio drama broadcasted for 2 years. The movie has three parts; total 6 hours.

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