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Originally Posted by RadioKid View Post
Usual Japanese traditional songs have common pentatonic scales like as Asia/Africa traditional songs.

Okinawa has unique traditional scale like this.

This song "SHIMAUTA:Song of Island" is made by non-Okinawa person and this song is not fully in Okinawa scale but just "based" on Okinawa scale. Subtitles are in Okinawa dialect and not good for learning Japanese.

Here are traditional Okinawa Songs.

Yeah, you are absolutely right

I know about Okinawa scale and I think that Minyo scale is one of Okinawan scales and its beautiful,,,

I want to present these two videos which contains two of famous folk songs of my country (performed by Japanese band)

and also this video about one of beautiful folk song of my country:

I thinks these songs very near to Japanese folk scale called "Yo" scale and this is what I'm looking for (I'm looking for Japanese songs considered as "Yo" scale)

Watch this video about Japanese pentatonic scales and "Yo" scale is number two in the video:

Thanks and I'm really so happy and enjoying this discussion very much

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