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Broken leg in the race - 10-28-2018, 01:10 PM

"This is not the beautiful story" said the director of team IWATANI.

On 21st/Oct/2018, "IIDA, REI (19)" fell down during the women's long distance relay race and her right leg was broken under her knee.

As she could not stand up, she crawled with her legs through 300m of the rest of her race term.

The director was not at the site. He looked her crawling at the remote site and made phone call to race office immediately to stop her.

But his message was not delivered soon. When his message reached at the referee at the site, she was at 15m rest to the relaying point. The referee decided let her go.

Various discussion were made on this issue. Some people were moved and applause her and other people think someone should stop her.

Anyway, most of Japanese understand she could not stop by herself.

In the team play, Japanese always think "For the team" is the only thing to consider.

Is this a good story ? I do not think so.

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