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I bought one their items last week, and I purchase one of their pendants.
I found out it was not really a good quality, cause it has scratches in the
Golden silver ring. Yes indeed I examine and research about their stones,
And one of my friend try or who’s also bought their items found out that all
Their products are totally fake, It was made in Philippines and china.
A coincidence that one of my friend who’s working in china said that their
products are all maid in low class quality and most of their products are all
fake which is they just edited in photoshop to make or look good in
in their website, he said.
Hey of this point I realize that they are making fun of us, they are selling us
A fake silvers and rings, Although they are base in Tokyo but there products
are not that good. Well this could be a big company with a big fake products,
they busted us..!! Man I’ll never gonna buy those products anymore.
Well it has been a years they have been selling that to us, and all of that are
All lie. It was putted in their site that it has maid up with pure stone and such
As precious gem.
Well all you guys if you can visit their website don’t believe it easily, they are
Making lies. They are selling us a fake stones and gems..
I’m a victim….

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