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04-17-2008, 02:31 AM

Originally Posted by Nyororin View Post
We plan on keeping him in Japanese schools. I don`t see it as necessary to do otherwise.
While I have no doubt that there is some level of bullying based around appearances...... That isn`t exactly something limited to Japan or limited to being mixed.
So true. I've just been told that where the mixed child stands out it could be worse than in a heterogeneous culture.

I know of quite a few people who have their kids in international schools or who homeschool them... And not a single one of them does it for bullying reasons. They all say it`s either because they disagree with the way Japanese schools are run, the way Japanese people think, etc, and they want to keep their child out of that environment.... Or they plan on moving out of Japan and want to keep their child up to par with another country`s school system.
Now this is interesting. I think I only had one other parent tell me that the curriculum was the reasoning behind their decisions. Of course, that household was a bit different from yours, as I was speaking to the father who did not speak Japanese. He speaks English to his children, their mother speaks Japanese. I think he wanted to place his children in a private institution so that they would be learning English on par with native speakers, while also learning Japanese on part with native Japanese speakers.

I`m quite happy with Japanese life, quite happy with the schooling (doubly so now that they`re removing the ridiculous yutori program) so it`s not an issue for us.
What's Yutori?

Either way though, racial bullying is going to be the last of our worries. My son has a brain injury, multiple health problems, a developmental disorder, and a projected adult height of less than 150cm.
I'm sorry to hear that. What accommodations are the schools making?
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