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04-17-2008, 04:58 AM

Originally Posted by SSJup81 View Post
Seriously, it didn't hit me that even a Kindergarten would have fees to pay. I don't know what I was thinking. I knew of the uniforms, the smocks, the shoes, etc.
Believe me, it really cuts into the budget. Kindergarten isn`t required, so it`s entirely up to the parents whether they send their child. The kindergarten my son goes to is a private one, so it`s a bit higher than average - but not all that much of a difference (think around 28000/month in comparison to 25000/month for public.) At the end of the year we will get a sort of refund voucher from our town, as there are no public kindergartens in the immediate area.

I can't recall, what age does Kindergarten start over there? Isn't it about three or four?
It starts from 3. If your child is 3 on April 1st (regardless of whether their birthday is March 31st or April 2nd), then they are eligible to start that year. Standard kindergarten is for 3 years, up until elementary school. Some parents send their kids for the full 3 years, some for only 2, and occasionally there will be someone who only sends them for one. It`s very rare for a child to enter into elementary school without having been in either a kindergarten or nursery.

Oh, something else. For your son, does he hear and speak Japanese, or does he know some English too?
He only hears Japanese. He has a language acquisition disorder, so is not yet at the speaking stage yet.

I'm sure if he does know English, and since I'm under the impression that you're not returning to the states and stuff, that it'll probably give him a big advantage when older when being forced into taking English language.
That may be true, but it`s not something that will happen in our house. We have absolutely no plans to move out of Japan, so as my son does have a language disorder I`m not willing to take any chances adding something into the mix. Not to mention that my husband does not speak or understand English, so it wouldn`t happen anyway.

Hmm, speaking of you know if those who are children of a native English speaker would still have to take English language when older?
English? No. You don`t actually have to study English in Japanese school. It`s by far the most commonly taken foreign language, but you can actually elect to study a different language (granted that the school offers another option.) Chinese is the second most common.

I don`t think that is what you`re asking though...

Regardless of what their ethnic background is, you *still* have to take a foreign language in school. Just having a parent who speaks a different language natively doesn`t magically grant you that ability. Language isn`t genetic.

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