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01-21-2009, 03:00 AM

Originally Posted by ante View Post
Excuse me, what? I have never claimed that I dislike people who dislike Japan, neither have I professed some love for Japan.

No one is talking about loving Japan, the thread was about why Japan attracts "weirdos". I came with a theory that it's because it has a modern culture that is different, and easy to access.

superheel then came with the claim that you don't like the real Japan unless you appreciate it's history. I claim that you can like the modern Japan, be ignorant about the history, and still like Japan.

I started what? You asked what was different about Japan, I provided an answer. You didn't like that particular part of the culture and therefor dismissed it. I still claim that modern Japanese culture is different, and easy to access, that's the difference between Japanese culture, and the culture of many other countries, that it's modern and easy to access, while being different.
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