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03-16-2007, 06:21 AM

Originally Posted by CoolNard View Post
You sure it doesn't mean "potted tree"? XD~! Chibi trees are so terribly conveniently portable.. and cute ^_^

Yeah, I've also heard people pronouncing it as "Bonsaeee".. O.o

It'd be cool if you could post what is inside that bonsai book though.. haha

Bonsaeee is not the right way to say it. ( I think english or something) Its Bon-sai, i as in "Eye"

The Kanji for "Bon" is festive and the Kanji for "sai' is for planting.

So it doesn't literallymean "potted plant" or "potted tree" but put together pretty much means "potted plant" (just trust me on this lol^_^)

I dont think i can post whats in side the book (bad things could happen ^_^)so heres the link for that kit I bough (I think they have a different type now.) then you can find out for yourself whats in side the book ^_^
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