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03-31-2009, 11:30 AM

Name: Kim
Coming to you from: The Netherlands
First Breath: Juli 1990
[/b][BIntentions and whatnot:[/b] I'm bored out of my miiiiiind and this seems like fun :0
Why do you want to go to Japan: Do I? xD Japan really interests me (culture-wise), I really like it how traditional and modern are one. And well, big V-kei fan, #1 mission is to meet Miyavi *_____* (did I say that aloud?!). Awh well, Japan is a very interesting county, I can't say it's my favorite or anything because a lot of cultures really catch my interest, but Japan just has something extra.
Favourite Manga/Anime: Errr.... I like a lot of manga, but my all time favorites are Full Metal Alchemist and One Piece.
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