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Need to purchase a projection screen in Japan - 05-23-2009, 09:32 PM

Hi. I am going to be back in Japan in late June through late August.

When I get there I need to purchase a wall mounted, pull-down type projection screen for a friend in Aomori-ken to use to show standard slides and projected PowerPoint presentations onto. The desired overall size is about 70 inches x 70 inches (about 175-180 cm x 175-180 cm).

I really want to do it online from a Japanese company, and have it shipped to him. Lacking that possibility, I might be able to purchase it myself (like say maybe in Akihabara?) and then have someone like KuroNeko ship it to him.

Does anyone have a suggestion for an online source for a sreeen like that in Japan? Or for a specific store that would carry them in the Tokyo area? Appreciate any help someone might have with this.


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