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08-28-2009, 01:53 PM

Originally Posted by Hyakushi View Post
How can you really say that? Just because your bias about what you believe in?.
Honestly your shit Tenchu, you say this and that, you say “I believe this because someone told me it. Because my MASTER said it was true”. Boxing and Muay Thai are tool sports mad4e for a ring because they expect the other person not to hit them below the belt. In the past you even said that you believed in “rules”, no hitting below the belt, no groin shots, no guns, etc. You’re such a tool.
Arguing about what you believe to a total stranger.
I think we are all biased about what we think, maybe some don't push it as far as others. And aren't we all arguing with strangers here too? Tenchu's manner of writing is blunt and even annoying sometimes, but he at least looks at things from a different perspective once in awhile. I just can't stand someone who will only see one side of the debate.
And yes, Muay Thai is thought of more as a ring sport but it can be used successfully in a fight. Most fights are just punching and kicking anyway.
You did bring up some good points, but shutting down this thread is a bit much. If you see something you don't agree with point it out and state your opinion. I am always up for learning something, I don't know everything. And we all should stop giving one line answers to differing opinions. How can we understand the thinking in our opposite opinions?

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