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09-08-2009, 12:41 PM

Name: Roxana
Nick: Rhode
(prefer to call me rhode(-chan) or roxa(-chan)
Coming to you from: Romania
First Breath: 10/27/1995
intentions and whatnot: well a friend of mine is there, in Jp^_^ and she likes it, very much. i only want to learn more about it and make friends =^.^= i'm a chibi, school girl, 8 grade and well childish..i mean VERY. nice to meet you
why do you want to go to japan: well odeena lives there.. (she is at Osaka University). i realy want to meet her...and it's a cool place. what do i mean by "cool". well i have what to do. nice places, love the food, nice people, anime festivals and thinghs like that. and i want to meet the guys from The Gazetet
Fav Manga/Anime: i stopped watching anime last summer. i enjoy a manga but let's say that: Manga:ALL from Yuki Kaori and Highschool of dead. Anime: Death Note and Hellsing
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