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07-09-2010, 09:02 PM

Originally Posted by Eidrib View Post

I'm planning to marry my current lover in about a decade (lol)... I dream of living with him and raising our children and living happily... but I'm excessively worried that I might not be a good mom... I worry about it and cry about it all day because I'm such a crybaby and I'm so clumsy... also I know that people learn from their own parents what they shouldn't do to their own child because they know how it feels... yet still children are annoyed or upset by what their parents do...

I'm so lost because if you scold children they will hate you (and even kill you, like it happens a lot in Japan) and if you let them play they will become spoiled... and I myself, I'm such a crybaby but still I really want to have a child... will I ever be a good mother? I don't believe that taking parenting lessons alone won't make me a good mother...

Sob. Please help.
for parrenting you need a good prepare,,,,first you need a good emotion to handle a trouble......its not only make a dont have to worry about it....bcoz your god...have someone to be your husband,,,one thing you need is relax...and enjoy your life....i think you need somekind of play and have fun with your group or do your job if you have a you 18 dont you? you only need have fun....its just a is only have to enjoy your process...and cheer up....
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