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08-17-2010, 08:50 AM

Originally Posted by MMM View Post
It sounds like you are contradicting yourself a little, ryuurui.

Carving may be difficult, but kids in high school do it. An artist only needs to make one, and you now seem to be agreeing that most artists try and make their own.
I am not contradicting myself. I said that what kids are carving, and what calligraphers use those are two different things. Kids do not understand calligraphy, let alone knowing seal script. The seal carving they do is probably a part of their 習字 classes. What I am saying is that making a good seal is not simple and requires a lot of knowledge. In other words, not the carving is the difficult part, but deciding on the characters, and writing them down is. Please understand that seal is a part of calligraphy, and its design, shape, and place it is being pressed at, are all important and integral components of the 作品. Badly carved seal can ruin the whole energy flow in calligraphy or sumi-e.

And also I know now where I got the idea of OP talking about mixing hanko, inkan, and gagouin - look at the title of his post. He asks inkan or hanko, where in fact it is neither of those two.

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