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the nuclear disaster is meant ... - 03-26-2011, 02:15 AM

Originally Posted by RealJames View Post
This is embarrassing, just being in the same species.
hey you, stop this nonsense comment .. this does not means the poor japanese people there, this means the person who make this nonsense there in fukushima atom parc, because they made it worser and worser .. and if you would have read my thread you know exactly that i mean this ... so, stop your troubel making here ... and the nuclear disaster there is fucking island ... even for the people they had lived there before and will never return to their home now ... if you had read my thread, you know this exactly who is meant

and exactly this will go into historie fukushima atom parc, therefore fukushima = fucking island .. because we all worldwide will get much stress with this problem in near future .. and all this would never happen if really international specialists had been called at the beginning to solve this problems, but this japanes eggheads donnot want any help and later on it was to late ... they made the big mistake to talk it down and are not open for help at once ... bad decision ... and if you put water in, indeed the water comes out, every child knows this, if you put sth. in there comes sth out ... so what ? did they think there comes champaigne out ... of course radiated water, what else ..