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Moving back to Japan with family. Difficulties ? - 07-10-2011, 11:18 AM

Hello everyone,
I am new here and at first I like to appologize if my english isn´t correct as I am from Germany actually.
My wife is japanese and we have two sons of which the first one was born in japan since we lived there till the end of 2009. We moved to germany as I expected Germany to be better for our childreens education and also there is great Social Security in germany, so for me as a german i thought its a real safe place.
Now after living in germany for almost 1 1/2 years we are staring to having our doubts about that. German taxes are so high that it eats up almost half my salary and also as you might all know the situation in europe isn´t easy as the situation the euro is in but thats not really the point here.
We almost came to the conclusion that it was a mistake to ever leave japan as we had a great time there and my old employee would love to take me back.
The thing that really gets me to think since we have two childreen is Social Security. What happens if i loose my job? What happens if i get sick and can´t work anymore. Hospital bills will gorw and grow probably? How about insurances in japan?
I would like to have some advise or tips from mixed couples living in japan beeing in the same situation as me.
I know some migt say that my wife should know but she lived in her parents house till we married and then soon we moved to germany so she doesn´t really know and i like to sort this out by myself and like to disguss it with other people in the same situation.
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