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dong - 12-20-2011, 02:44 AM

fashion Beats by dre headphones and carbon forks can be found in 4 normal sizes: 1-inch, 1-1/8-inch, 1-1/4-inch and 1-1/2-inch. These sizes correspond to matching stem sizes. 1-1/8-inch headphones will be the present mind all through the headphones race. However, with new trends continually surfacing and outdated trends continually resurging, this could alter all through the future. Quill monster headphones can be found in 1-inch, 1-1/8-inch and 1-1/4-inch sizes with corresponding quill stems sized right down using the inside diameter in the fork’s tube. 1-inch headphones experienced been the marketplace normal for decades and stay really well-known all through the vintage and retro bicycle world. They stay probably the most broadly utilized and readily available.
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