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I live in Japan! - 11-26-2006, 02:28 PM

Just thought I`d volunteer any info that anyone needs...

I live in Japan, not in Tokyo, and have lived here for almost 9 years now. I basically came to Japan with nothing (On my own, not part of any program, not as a teacher, with almost no money, etc) when I was 17, and have been here pretty much ever since.

I`m now married, and *own* a home. I`m willing to answer pretty much any questions about real life in Japan - not the English teacher in Tokyo type stuff... Because that`s only like 0.1% of reality. (Not to offend any of the English teachers in Tokyo or anything though.)

We usually try and help other people who are/were in the same boat as I was when I came to Japan (Bad family life, etc), but last year a girl we let stay with us really screwed us over so we have stopped for the time being. But I really want to help people, so if I can in any way please ask!

(Oh, and I think I mentioned a lot more stuff in my intro in the introductions thread, so...)
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