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Exclamation Signature size limitations - 10-20-2008, 07:50 PM


It's really a shame that there are so many people on this website who choose to ignore the rules in which it is said that the size of a signature must not exceed certain limitations.

These limitations have been implemented due to the trend of using oversized and/or large quantity of images and text in ones signature which not only increases the load times of forum pages, but also makes the viewing/reading of them much less convenient and often outright annoying... especially when taking into consideration the fact that most posts are no longer than few lines which are followed by a signature that is several times bigger than the post itself.


So, the current signature size limitation is 300 pixels in height and 700 pixels in width, as stated in the forum rules.

The most simple way to stay within these limitations is avoiding putting in large images and huge amount of text, keeping it down to the most relevant information you want to share through your signature, thus you will avoid all of the hassle of measuring your signature size and possible penalties for violating the rules.

As for those of you who consider your forum signature as a form of self expression and whatnot and are violating this rule due to your lack of knowledge and you simply don't know what a pixel is, you are most welcome to educate yourself here: Wikipedia

But remember that your signature field is not the place for you to write your whole life story, or post your family pictures... use the appropriate threads on the forums, if you feel like you need to share this information with the rest of the world.


The signature size is measured in the users profile page within the inner frame of the signature field, as illustrated in this image:

In order to make sure your signature size is within the allowed limitations, feel free to use pixelruler, or any other similar software.

An example of taking measurement:

Just like in real life: align the 0 mark with the top of the inner frame of the signature field and read the number of pixels on the bottom of the frame. As long as the number is 300 or less, your signature is of legal size. If it's bigger than that, you will need to reduce it.

The same goes for width of the signature:

The limitation of width is 700 pixels, which is the approximate width of maximum frame size which will not cause the page layout to stretch... the precise one is 729 pixels, which is the size your signature should be at all times, if it's bigger than that - resize it.


... or the moderator might delete your signature permanently and issue a infraction, or even a ban.

Also, all members are encouraged to report any apparent violators of this rule in the [spams/bans/flames] thread.

For any further questions, refer to the JF FAQs thread, or PM me.

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