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Exclamation Forum Rules - 06-08-2008, 04:29 PM

1 - General rules:

1.1 It is the obligation of the user to read and follow rules of the forum.
1.2 Show respect to other users.
1.3 The use of JF is a privilege, not a right. Freedom of use is at the individual moderator's and administrator's discretion.
1.4 Always ask permission before using any of the material posted by other forum users outside the JF.
1.5 The forum administration bear no responsibility for the private information you have chosen to post on the forums (Such as contact information, ID information, Images, etc) both in your profile page and in your posts.

2 - Language and topics:

2.1 Unnecessary and uncensored profanity is highly discouraged and may be edited or removed by a mod or admin. Excessive profanity may lead to other sanctions.
2.2 Racism, sexism and cultural intolerance of any form or shape is forbidden. Usage of terms such as "Japs" and "Niggers" will not be tolerated and will result in a ban.
2.3 The main language of the forum is English, however keep in mind that this is an international forum and not everyone will have a solid grasp of the English language. Intolerance and mockery towards grammar mistakes made by people whose native language is not English will not be tolerated.
2.4 Topics of religion and sexual orientation are not permitted.
2.5 The term "rape" is allowed only within a discussion about, or connected to the despicable crime it represents and only within the frame of definition that corresponds to the encyclopedic description of this term.
2.6 Advertisement within a post and/or user signature is not allowed.
2.7 Users who post pornographic material, or links to such will be banned.
2.8 Any opinions should be expressed as such.
2.9 Jokes or threats against individuals, their homes or home countries will not be tolerated.

3 - Posting:

3.1 Read the previous posts in the thread you are going to post in, thus avoiding bringing up a point that has already been discussed/answered.
3.2 Avoid using fonts/colors that are hard to read.
3.3 Initiation of and taking part in flame wars, sowing discord and deliberately annoying other members is not welcomed and will result in administrative action
3.4 Posts that do not correspond to the original topic of the thread will rapidly fall into moderator to-do list.
3.5 Posts written in capital letters will be deleted.
3.6 Other users must be warned before posting material that might reveal content and/or information about plot of creative works (Such as anime/manga/movies etc.) with appropriate [SPOILER], [END OF SPOILER] tags, and the text itself must be colored in white. Images that might reveal such information have to be hosted on other websites and only the link to them should be posted.
3.7 Use private messaging whenever private matters are discussed. Don't forget that this is a public forum.
3.8 Do not post in your own thread just because it has not been replied to for a extensive period of time.
3.9 Do not post in a thread if your post brings no benefit to the topic being discussed.
3.10 Do not double post. Use the [EDIT] function instead.
3.11 Posts containing links to downloads or other access of manga, anime, music, or any other media not authorized by the publisher or artist are not allowed.
3.12 JF does not advocate illegal activities and threads or posts discussing or promoting illegal acts may closed at the administration's discretion and sanctions may be given.
3.13 Quoting
3.13.1 If the post you are quoting contains images, remove the [IMG] tags from the quote.
3.13.2 Avoid quoting the whole post when you are replying only to a part of it.

4 - Creating a new thread:

4.1 Search before starting a thread. Your thread might be edited, or deleted by a mod if there already exists a thread covering the same topic.
4.2 Don't start pointless threads. Threads created out of boredom, or because you want to be "random" are not allowed. There will be no "chat" threads (besides "The Chat Thread!"), randomness threads, or boredom threads.
4.3 Use a title that accurately represents the content.
4.4 Game threads of any kind are not allowed.
4.5 Looking for friends is encouraged on Japan Forum, but posts looking for boyfriends, girlfriends, or anything beyond platonic relationships will be deleted. Make friends first and let nature take its course.
4.6 General Discussion is for threads that don't fit into any of the other categories. HOWEVER that does not mean that any topic is appropriate for General Discussion. Along with following the above rules, General Discussion threads should be
1) Relevant and inclusive to a majority of JF users
2) Timely and current (i.e. related to upcoming holidays, news or events).
3) Japan/Asia related.

5 - User profile

5.1 You need 25 posts before you will be allowed to upload your own custom avatar, customize your signature and user title.
5.2 The total size of signature is not allowed to exceed 729 pixels in width and 300 pixels in height. Further details can be found in this thread.
5.3 Username, user title, or any other part of the user profile can not contain any forbidden (advertisement containing, suggestive, profane, etc.) material.

6 - Administration of punishment.

6.1 The moderators reserve the right to choose the penalty they see suitable, which will depend on the severity of the violation and the history of prior violations by the user.
6.2 If you think that you have been penalized without a valid reason, feel free to provide an description and explanation for the situation you were penalized for to any of the currently active moderators.

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