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Post Japanese Tattooing material - 07-13-2014, 06:49 PM

Hi everyone from sunny greece.

I need your japanese knowledge and light.

I've been searching for information around the japanese tattoo (irezumi) and more specificly for the traditional japanese tattooing method tebori (手彫り).

Tebori - BME Encyclopedia
Irezumi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I am searching for educational material , sketchbooks, tutorials, guides, documentaries, books, portfolios, .... anything japanese
I've done a lot of research in english but the fundamentals are better before beeing traslated, and some thing are never translated.

since i can't read japanese, and since the greek-japanese community is almost non existant, i need someone who can browse japanese sites (torrents e.t.c.) and send me any links with things i can download for both irezumi and tebori. As described. (always in the japanese language, in english i can do it on my own)

i am already greatful for any answers. i love japanese art, and I NEED to learn more stuff.

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07-15-2014, 12:32 PM

Like as the most of Japanese people, I don't like Tattooing.

After some struggling, I decided to place a link here. Follow the link to find the Tattooing pages in Japanese. Some of them might have English pages.


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02-16-2017, 05:45 PM

I likes tattoo very much. All of them have some meaning, and it's cool..For example palm tree tattoo, it has an important place in different cultures, and so it also has numerous meanings. Although it can mean anything that you want, it is important to understand these common meanings and symbolisms before you draw it. This is nice article with examples.
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