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Stolaike (Offline)
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Thumbs up NEW & FREE Japanese course on line!! - 09-29-2008, 02:08 PM


I just heard this site frim my French friend, and now it is
translated to English, too!!

English version ( British Flag )
TERAKOYA : Cours de JAPONAIS IE only!!

Plenty of vocab and Kanji in ilustration and it is just so funny to look through.
Lessons seem to be about translated from French and not completed the whole lessons however, it is WORTH to have a look and follow, I guess.

My friend sent some mails to the webmaster,
and he got the nice reply on the topics or the questions.
I quite like this kind of humour on learning...[/quote]
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isisbathory (Offline)
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11-26-2008, 04:13 PM

Well for portuguese speakers
It helps you to learn japanese in a easy way
I hope that it helps someone
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SHAD0W (Offline)
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11-26-2008, 05:08 PM

Does anyone know any resources devoted to Informal Japanese?

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isisbathory (Offline)
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11-26-2008, 05:26 PM

Originally Posted by SHAD0W View Post
Does anyone know any resources devoted to Informal Japanese?
well on my blog i'm doing some stuff about japanese which isn't formal...But it is in portuguese so I guess it wont really help you...
But look on youtube, they've got some really nice things so go there...
I've even found unpolite things
hahaha so I wish you good luck
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aaronl (Offline)
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Another Japanese learning resource - 12-01-2008, 11:29 PM

Hi guys,

Great subject, and lots of useful resources. We just launched a service called Japanese Accelerator which focuses on helping you acquire conversational Japanese. It does cost money, but it is a very useful tool.

There are currently more than 50 simulation lessons which are broken down into categories such as "business," "friends," and "small talk." We add new lessons frequently.

Here is the website

Japanese Accelerator won't really help you if you are looking to master Kana or Kanji but it is proven through university research to help increase conversational fluency and listening skills.

We'd appreciate any feedback you have for us!


Japanese lessons and cultural commentary over at www.iSpeakJapanese.net. Check it out!

Free Japanese for beginners mini-course includes audio of native Japanese speakers.
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KUNIO (Offline)
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12-03-2008, 08:06 AM

Here is a good resource for beginners hehe

Learning Japanese with Kunio
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12-06-2008, 04:11 AM

iKnow.com is a decent source if you want to learn vocabulary. It's for any level, beginner to expert. (if it has already been mentioned, please ignore the sucky explaination about it below)

It's pretty good at helping you memorize the vocab, as well. It gives you the words to study, in kana, kanji, and romaji (plus the translation). It gradually tests you on them, using the kana, kanji, romaji, AND the translation (for example, it will give youthe kana and ask fro a defination, and later it will give you the definition and ask for the kanji)

And for informal Japanese, I'm not too sure, but if you don't already, watch a lot of Japanese shows. Also, I've always heard that you can download podcasts from iTunes (in the Japanese section) that are free. When I say podcast, obviously I don't mean they're going to be teaching you Japanese. They're going to be speaking it! There are childrens podcasts, for those beginning to learn. As well as sections for comedy and whatnot, for more advanced speakers.
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12-13-2008, 01:54 AM

A REALLY GOOD Kanji reference guide, type in any hiragana (even romaji!) and it will look up the Kanji equivalent!

iKnow Japanese
From the site:
iKnow! : Personalized Learning

iKnow! is a new way to learn a language based on scientific research into memory and psychology: it trains your brain in the natural ways that accelerate learning.

iKnow’s patented learning algorithms generate a personalized learning schedule based on your learning history. What this means is that items you’re having trouble with will come up for review far more frequently than items you know well. It’s like having your own private teacher who knows what you need to focus on.

If you made it this far, I've also devised a just-for-fun one all my own; I call it NihonGO! Check it out on my signature!!!
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Nihongodict (Offline)
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12-14-2008, 02:06 AM

Hey, I made this Japanese dictionary as a personal project and added some new bits to the interface. I've found it really useful for looking up words I've heard but don't know how to spell exactly, and I hope you can find it useful too!

Here's the link: http://www.nihongodict.com.

p.s. I'm always looking to improve the interface if anyone has suggestions!
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12-14-2008, 01:37 PM

>Here's the link: http://www.nihongodict.com.

It is very nice. However, could you regard "tu" as same as "tsu"?

Thank you.

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