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Please help Translate and ID Japanese knife - 03-15-2007, 07:05 PM

Greetings All,
I have two Japanese knives that have blade stampings I don't understand.
I would like to know what style knives these are called and when, where, who made them. Both knives have stiff 1/8" thick blades and have a right side beveled edge. Black handle (laminated wood) has a 5 7/8" blade.
The other has a 5 3/8" blade with a solid rosewood handle.
I will appreciate any help.
Thank you and best regards, fox1945
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translation - 03-18-2007, 06:36 AM

Hi, I'm no knife expert, but I'll try and translate the characters for you.

first on the left:-

at the top, the two kanji side by side: 登録
とうろく (touroku): registration, register, entry, record.

then below that: 堺
さかい (sakai):Sakai, Osaka

もじ (moji): characters

へいさく (heisaku): normal (average) crop.

in the middle:-

源: みなもと (minamoto): source, origin
菊文: きくふみ (Kikufumi): a given name
字: あざ (aza): section of village

Kikufumi was a little difficult, but I think it's just saying that the knife came from "Kikufumi's" section of the village.

on the right:-

ごくじょう (gokujou): first-rate, finest quality, the best.

I hope that helps.
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