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Uses for the phrase: "Iku yo" or "ikimasu yo" - 07-02-2017, 07:39 AM

I'm trying to understand "iku"/"iku yo" and how it matches up with the English verb "go."

Situation 1 - Volunteer to go
Your manager asks that someone from your department volunteer to go on a business trip. Could you say "I will go" as people often do in English?

行きますよ (ikimasu yo) - I will go.

Situation 2 - Tell someone you're coming
Your friend calls and asks if you are coming to his party. You will go to the party as soon as you get off the phone. Would/could you say:

行くよ (iku yo) - I'm going! (literally, though in English we'd say "I'm coming")

Situation 3 - Suggest going
You are going on a trip with your roommate. It's time to head out. Would you say:

いくよ (iku yo) - We will go (literal). I've seen suggestions that it can mean "Let's go" in this context. Is that right?

行こう (ikou) - Let's go. (grammatically correct, but is it commonly used?)

Situation 4 - Warn someone you're about to "go"
You are playing baseball. You are the pitcher. Your friend is the batter. He's ready. Right before you throw the ball, you might you say:

いくよ! - I'm going! (literally) (In English we might say "I'm going" or "Here it comes!" in this situation.)

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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07-02-2017, 02:46 PM

Situation 1:

In manyy cases, "私が行きます:WATASHI GA IKIMASU;I will go." would be natural. "YO" would be used when other condition was satisfied like as you are already supposed to raise hand.

Situation 2:

"行くよ!:IKU-YO !;I will go " fits well.

Situation 3:

"行くよ!:IKU-YO!;I will go " would be good.
Also "行くぞ!IKU-ZO!: I will go " can be used.

"行こう:IKOU; let's go" would be used when you need to push other guy like he was still looking at TV or else.

Situation 4:

"行くよ!:IKU-YO!;I will do right now" fits well.

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