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11-27-2011, 01:38 AM

Originally Posted by JohnBraden View Post
Watching it for the sake of watching because it's on is nutty. I know some people who have it on from the time they wake to when they bed. I guess for them it's some sort of companion. Rather sad if you ask me....
I think it becomes a sort of habit of sorts.
Even with children it drives me crazy. There is no need to watch something on tv constantly. There is no need to have a screen flashing something for a day to be complete.

My son doesn't watch tv either - I don't block him from it, he just never got into the habit. I have been around children who scream and throw fits because they want to watch tv right now, NOW!!!! Etc.
My son ends up watching a movie once a week and maybe a total of an hour and a half of recorded television.

The majority of television is really the "empty calories" of entertainment. There are a few shows that I will watch if for some reason the television is on, but the majority of the time I will check the schedule, see nothing that is of interest in any way whatsoever, and then turn it off.

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