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[audition] Love Live! cover songs' fandub (Japanese language) - 12-22-2016, 11:49 AM

I want to do some collaborations regarding cover songs of love live (school idol project) in Japanese (original language)
I will sing Ayase Eri's parts. Why? OK, to explain that, I have to tell you something about me. I don’t belong to idol music, but from sokyoku

This links explained a lot!
and I was a bit in trouble deciding what idol I will cover the parts.
I can expect it! You will surely associate me to Sonoda Umi, because she plays koto, her mother is a iemoto (headmaster of a koto school) and her father is a shihan (koto master), but I want to do Eri because she is more suitable for me as singing style
Fandubs requirements:
Other singers for:
1) Kosaka Honoka
2) Sonoda Umi
3) Nishikino Maki
4) Toujou Nozomi
5) Yazawa Niko
6) Koizumi Hanayo
7) Hoshizora Rin
Koizumi Hanayo
Deadline: from December 22nd to January 16th
Song you will send me as a try: aishiteru banzai
We will also do the sub-units’covers. I will be in BB (Eri, Hanayo and Maki, or Nozomi... I don't remember)
You can send me your voice demos through thisforum, or private conversations
As a fandub, we will cover the songs we like. We can discuss about what songs we will do from private messaging. OK?
Before sending me the auditions, will send my aishiteru banzai… but not now! I’ll do it in these days, because I have some recording problems
We will use multitracking, so all will send our vocal track,
Let me know
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