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Ōkami - 07-17-2007, 09:49 AM

I can't believe there's no thread about this game ^^ this has got to be the most japanese game ever that's reached the modern public.

The story draws from japanese legends and folklore, and applies them all into a challenging, visually stunning and impressive game. There's so much here; Amaterasu is the main character, in the shape of a white wolf; the legend of Orochi the eight-headed serpent is here, the tale about the nine-tailed fox Kitsune, the one-inch-boy Issun-boshi, the twelve japanese zodiac animals, Otohime, the daughter of the dragon king who lives underwater, even stuff like the tongue-cut sparrow and references to the bamboo cutter. There's much more that I can't quite think of.

The aestethics of the game is strictly japanese; the graphics are cel-shaded in the style of old japanese paintings (not anime), the music uses classical japanese instruments. This game is, along with Devil May Cry, the best PS2 game I've played. I checked out Gamefaqs, and no review at all has given it less than 8 (most are 9's, some are 10's).

Anyone else who has played it? Your opinions?

Some images:

Cherry blossom tree.

Fighting an enemy.

Kamiki village.

Random art.

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07-17-2007, 10:08 AM

I've checked out movies about it. It's a very original game to say the least, but I doubt that I'll very much enjoy it though And of course I miss the japanese background to appreciate the lore in it..

Off topic: The guild in World of Warcraft i was in, was called Amaterasu (inspired by the sun goddess, not the game ) as well

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07-18-2007, 07:40 PM

I bought it for my boyfriend (mostly cuz I wanted to play it myself, but I'd never get it.) I haven't played it myself, but I'm always there to watch my b/f play it. It's a beautiful game!

thnx boboloko for the sig!
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