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tony_love42 (Offline)
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help me with my japanese - 12-13-2006, 08:41 PM

hi, looking for japanese friend to help me with my japanese language.
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Kyande (Offline)
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Cool 12-18-2006, 09:18 PM

I will be glad to help you with your japanese..I started learning it in the 8th grade now I am in the 10th so I am kind of fluent in it...tell me what you want to know .... if you just want to learn it in general I will start you off with the greetings... they are:

Kon'nichiwa - Hello ; good afternoon
Moshi-moshi - you say this when answering the telephone
Genki desu ka - How are you?
Konban wa - Good evening
Ohayo gozaimasu - Good morning
Oyasuminasai - Good night
Sayonara ; bai-bai - Good-bye
Kangei suru - Welcome
Aisatsu suru - Greet (salute)
Aisatsu - Greeting
Kangei - Greetings

Like I said if you want to know anything inparticular just ask me...or If you want to continue like I am doing thats fine to..Well hope that helps some..looking forward to what you say.
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