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hello - 06-02-2008, 03:15 AM

This is my first attempt in being social. I would like to talk to people who are extremely open-minded and willing to experience knew things. For a couple of years I've been longing to live in Japan. By now I know it is going to be like crossing the Bering Sea in winter by means of a paper boat. I don't really need to be accepted, just mildly tolerated. So, anyone who would like to talk to me I am Irish-American, about 19 and I know Japanese somewhat well.(Okay, not that good. ^^') Music is my friend, I'm not about any particular genre or artist. I play bass, percussion(all kinds), piano, I'm a soprano, and I have tried my hand at violin(and failed miserably). Manga and anime is a major addiction(Sad to say that Shojo Beat is my fix.) It may seem like I talk alot, but to be honest I don't really... I just write ALOT. It seems that the tendency comes from wanting to say so much and having so little time to organize it. When in a person to person senario I rarely talk if at all. Anyways, that is some stuff about me. Message or what not if you would like to befriend me.


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