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08-21-2008, 03:43 AM

Originally Posted by LittleFallenAngel View Post
Agreed with sillygodxdisco.^^
there are a few basstabs out here, and there are also a few bassists out there XD..
Anyway, im willing to try to tab some songs for you guys, even though im not like the best tabber around here but I tabbed quite alot of songs myself XD...
could be hard but its worth a try isn't it?^^
anyway, Sillygodxdisco, thats why guitarpro exists XD... I use that -nods-

yeah but that's kindof why i started bass .. guitar was a bit overrated. and girl bassists are cool. =D
any tabs are great .. if you can give me some, i'd take anything O_O
& i've heard of guitarpro but idk what it is .. besides that it's a tabbing program =T

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