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11-24-2011, 11:31 AM

Well okay let's give the phrase some context then.

This is the sentences I'm looking at:

クラウドとは物語の終盤に想いを通わせ、「AC」「DC」� �時代は一緒に暮らしている。

クラウド Cloud
とは with
物語の終盤 end of the story (game in this case)
想い = feelings/emotions
を = object marker
通わせ = communicate back and forth

So the feelings are being communicated back and forth with Cloud and the statement is takling about a she.

So the translation I would do is "She communicated her feelings together with Cloud in the final stages of the game, and during AC and DC they are living together."

It's the word 想い that I'm wondeirng about. I undestand it's usually written as 思い but when written as 想い it's a more powerful emotion and more personal.

I know it has a wide variety of meanings such as feelings or it could be desire and love.

With the statement I posted above, is it possible to determine if the phrase is about romantic or intimate love on its own or do you need more context? It was my understanding that 想いを通わせる would imply something romantic (I had a couple people tell me so anyway), but I wanted a second opinion on the matter to be sure (I always do that :P)

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