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11-25-2011, 05:05 AM

Originally Posted by BowserJr View Post
Okay so maybe "They fell in love at the end of the game and are living together at during AC and DoC" then?

Thanks for ansewring BTW, I really appreciate it. I translate a lot of Final Fantasy stuff and want to make sure i'm not being bias or screwing anything up XD
I am someone who knows nothing about Final Fantasy but if your new translation above fits the story, then it is a good translation.

It is usually 大和言葉 (originally Japanese words and phrases), in other words, kun-reading ones as opposed to Chinese loan words, that we like to choose to describe our more intricate emotions. 「想いを通わせる」、「心が通う」, etc. are good example of this phenomenon. Even after 1,000 + years of importing Chinese words, it is as though we have yet to completely internalize them and their "on" sounds that are very different from our original "kun" sounds. In professional or technical speech, however, Chinese-origin words rule just the way Latin-origin words do in English as you well know.

Lesson to learn:
DO NOT confess your love to that special Japanese person using too many cold-sounding on-reading words. It will turn him/her off. Use the softer-sounding Japanese-origin words that go straight into his/her heart.

Your Japanese proficiency shall be in direct proportion
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