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Post Rules of the Jmusic forum - 12-10-2009, 01:50 PM

Hey guys.
I've just removed more than 100 threads - most of them duplicants, some spam and more than half of them hadn't been active since June. As they had less than 10-20 posts, I decided to remove them. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but the forum has gotten quite clogged up lately and therefore I decided to clear out the mess a little.

When I clear out, I think it's only fair that you know what I'm going after. Therefore I'm just gonna share this quick list of things I look for when I'm cleaning up this section:
1. Does the thread have any duplicates? (we don't need duplicates)
2. For how long has it been inactive? (has it been more than 3 weeks or so?)
3. Is the thread related to Japanese music? (usually the inactive non-JP threads go first, sorry - but that's just how it works)
4. How famous is the artist? - is it an indie band, randomly found by member who then decided to raise a thread just for the heck of it or is it a major label artist/group?

This does not mean, that I'm constantly on guard for inactive topics, but I'll definitely be clearing the forum out a few times a year - otherwise we're gonna drown in useless topics and duplicate band-threads.

I also decided to add a few things to the extra-rules.
Just to make it clear, that it's alright to think one-self and to watch out for already existing threads until a mod gets online.
Here we go:

1. Stay on topic - no derailing

2. No spamming. Spam is usually posting of links to increase a company's surplus or alike. Though comments as 'Oh cool', 'thanks', 'I'll reply to this later' etc. are ALSO considered spam.

3. Please refrain from posting download links. Illegal sharing is BANNED!

4. Before raising a thread, please make sure that one alike does not already exist.

5. If one of your threads has been deleted do NOT, and I repeat: NOT just make a new one. If you think, that is has been closed for no real reason, please contact me as I am the mod most likely to have gotten rid of it. Just.. Don't make a new one. It will piss me off.

6. No battle-threads are allowed except for the ones already here. I will kill the thread immediately if you make one.

7. Claiming Jrockers As a newbie it might be very hard to understand this ''claiming''-thing going on. Basically some of the members 'claimed' misc. jrockers as theirs. To prevent this section from turning into a huge bitchfight of another world, I would like you all to respect that. Not only because I claimed a few myself, but basically because that's the way it is. If you don't want to get into fights irl, you definitely do NOT want to get into a fight with a fangirl on here. Miyavifan took over the maintaining of this subject - ask her for guidance.

8. Please don't use disrespectful terms. 'Rape', 'molestation' and alike can very easily hurt and offend people. Please refrain from using such terms without a mutual understanding between the parties of the convo.

9. Recruitment-threads will be deleted. This is where we talk about music. It's fair that you have a band, but this aint no Craigslist.

10. Mods put a LOT of effort and time into this place. Being disrespectful, meaning not reading and following the rules, will NOT help your reputation on here. So please, just stick to them. If you think you have been treated unfairly, go to another mod and ask for assistance - don't rat out, just explain the situation calmly. Don't spread rumors and bad atmosphere around]

These extra rules do NOT set the main rules of JapanForum out of functionality. They are just follow-ups that seem to be important to keep this very section running as smoothly as most likely possible.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me at any time. If any problems occur with broken rules in THIS section - please PM me or any JFmusic mod as well.

Thanks for reading guys!
Enjoy the forums : D

~ Nani.
JFmusic MOD

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