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Exclamation Looking For A Friend In Kurashiki - Okayama Urgently - 06-24-2017, 02:34 PM

Hi , Im seeking for help ! My friend in Singapore just cut herself just for a heartless jp guy who lives in Okayama , Kurashiki !

The story goes this :

They both know each other since last year Oct , they both hit off very fast and they start to communicate almost everyday. And my friend she also save up her money just to travel all the way to Osaka to meet him in Kyoto. They both were happily spending time together. However, when shes back she felt insecure when hes not with her suddenly . He went for his company retreat just right after she reaches Singapore. They both continue to communicate but after he is back from his trip. He started to be a little drifting. His text and replies takes 6 to 12 hours later . Then she felt a little strange of his sudden actions. She ask if everything is ok with him because they arent talking much like usual . He start to jump at her saying she isnt understanding and told her he doesnt even have time for himself. he been busy with work. He requested for time and space. So she left him alone for days . She fall sick , low blood fainted at work . She texted him about her condition. He didnt really bother just tell her to take care and he went silence again. Later she tries to text him again but he didnt reply her. She felt hurt and cried for almost a week.

Then few days later he texted her finally . He treated like nothing happen . Talk as usual but still replies takes 12 hours . She kept quiet about it and try to be understanding. Then on the 7th day , she just talk about past relationship . And they both have 3 past relationships before. So she just say " so i am your 4th then " he read the text but didnt bother to reply. She wonder if she had said something wrong . Wanted to text him and apologies if she said the wrong thing. He replied her saying " You are a Friend , I think You do not understand. " A friend ? what is this all about ? The psat 6 months being together. The guy almost every week confess to her how much she meant to him. And said she is important to him. Then now A friend status ? She felt hurt and she break down. He continue to request for another time and space. She told him please stop it ! he keep saying she do not understand but she really do not understand what she do not understand. He keep shutting her off just like that.

Then 3 weeks later , She receive his text again . She wanted to move on because she felt tired of waiting for him. Both start to talk again but this time she is careful with her words and actions. No more hearts emojis and no more their nicknames. But their texts is 1 day 1 text. She tried hard and put alot of effort in this friendship. then again on the 7th day , She was busy at work and she know he like jet planes . She happen to see some planes photos and got excited to send him to cheer him up. She sent him but he read no reply . She was ok with it. Then late at night when she was sleeping .. all the sudden he text her saying this " Im sad ... I believed in you ... You see .. this is the last message ... Please stare at yourself ". She was confuse on what is going on ? She really do not know what happen ! She is lost she tried to call her thru Line he reject her calls, she try to text him no replies got blocked. She uses skype , he blocked her , Main line also got blocked. Instagarm also got block. He blocked her everything and everwhere. He left her without a reason ! She cried and seek for help ! The next day she lost of control .. She cut herself wanting to end her life . Because this pain is too unbearable. She really do not know what she did that causes him to be so cruel towards her. Even her friends tried to text him and tell him to unblock her and call her but he still refuse to that . Til now my friend still in hospital crying and not eating . We all tried to help her but shes already lost her mind over this heartless Japanese guy !

Please someone help to locate him for her ! He meant to her alot she really want to know what is happening . My friend has Low blood and has early stage of Leukemia !

His name is Naoki Takizawa 滝沢直樹 lives in Kurashiki ! his instragam id is : n.eos6d thats the only DM that we could locate him but he is not replying us.
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