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01-12-2017, 02:57 PM

”GOMEN"/"GOMEN-NASAI" and "SUMIMASEN" are actually used in the same case and same meaning.

However, original meanings are different.

”GOMEN"/"GOMEN-NASAI" means "forgive me". But "SUMIMASEN" has more deep meaning.

In the daily life, Japanese people are giving and receiving "respect" each other in every human relation and checking their "Balance Sheet of respect" in every action.Remember that the "respect" can be sometimes minus value.

Then, when a Japanese receives respect larger than he/she gave, he/she feel guilty with the too much respect he/she received. "SUMIMASEN" means "the returning (respect) does not reach the end" or "I can not give you the respect to compensate what I made".

"OIKUTSU DESUKA?" also can be used when one buy something.

"O-MOCHI WO KUDASAI:Give me the MOCHI please"
"O-IKUTSU DESUKA?:How many MOCHIs do you need?"

I will be confused when asked "OIKUTSU DESUKA?" suddenly. "NAN-SAI DESUKA?" can not confuse the listener.

Language makes Culture and Culture makes Language.

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