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05-14-2017, 03:17 PM

I believe western S-V-O can not fit the Japanese Language.

Why do I believe that? Because of the Japanese word marker "が:GA".

Among the markers, "は:character is HA;pronunciation is WA","も:MO;too" and "が:GA"can be a marker for the subject.

WA and MO are not always indicate subject. WA is main theme indicator and MO is "also" for every marker.

How do you learn about themarker "GA"? Did you learn it as the subject marker?

1) 犬が歩く:INU GA ARUKU:A dof walks.

In this case, "GA" indicates the dog is the subject.

2) 犬が好きです:INU GA SUKI DESU:I like dogs.

In this case, "GA" indicates the "dogs" is the object.

3) それがいいよ:SORE GA II YO;It is good / I prefer it.

in this cace, there are two way of interpretation. they are confusing.

I can not explain the "GA"s in these cases. Can someone explain for me?

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