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11-03-2007, 07:22 PM

Lol... I scored as Gackt's thong on a quiz last night... and thongs are smexy and better than knickers, because knickers fall down and then you have to find a dark corner or toilet to pull them up again, lol.
My parents give me £30 a week, which is like $60 I think... but with my spending habits it's not much. I buy lots of cheap things to mount up to a massive price or if I see something I must have and have fallen in love with I blow all my money on that, like one of my pairs of boots, a coat, a jacket and a few dresses.
I'm a tight bugger, though, when it comes to lending money to people... I've had bad experiences with people never paying me back.
And I just can't go in when I hear a rapper or RnB it just completely puts me off. One of my favourite shops is this alternative shop that alwayd plays Korn... and I love Korn, so I shop there for things like platform shoes and accessories, their clothes are to great though, so it's a trip to Oasis market and Dorothy Perkins.
Lol, I'm running out of space to put my stuff now... my boots block my door so you have to be super skinny to get into my room if it's not through the en suite way, and my New Rock shoes threaten to attack from the top shelf and my wardrobe wobbles really bad if I shove clothes along the rail to make space for more clothes.
Do you have stuff that you've never worn? I do... lol...
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