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つまが 病気のとき、会社を休みます。 - 12-01-2020, 03:52 PM


I'm just starting to learn about とき [when...]
Then I came across this sentence, and have a little question on the use of 病気.

As far as I understand, it acts as a noun describing 'condition or state' of the subject, the same way like 雨 or ゆき do.

The use that I understand:
- 今日 雨です。
- わたし 病気です。

So in this case of つまが 病気のとき、会社を休みます。 why is it not つま 病気のとき、 ? As to my understanding, が is used with an adjective, or when you say you "have" something.

Please advise, thanks a lot in advance


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01-28-2021, 11:46 PM

I understand that "が:GA" is used in the sub-sentense. When you use "は:WA" is used like "つま 病気のとき、(わたしは)会社を休みます", listener will confused which of つま or わたし is the subject of the sentence.

Sorry for late reply. I did not find this question.

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