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Would like yr comments on who u think are narcissist celebs - 11-01-2014, 02:05 AM

Hello, I am an American researcher of narcissism disorder. I'm half Jewish and half Filipino for those of you who are curious.

I am hoping to receive helpful feedback from Japanese persons who know of many celebrities in Japan, whether it be athletic, writers, famous political leaders or activists, actors or singers, including infamous ones.

What I would like is your personal view as to who among those types has something called "narcissistic personality disorder" or "narcissism disorder" for short, or abbreviated as NPD. If you don't know what that is, in short, it is a person who is very self centered so much so they don't care about whether or not they are hurting someone's feelings, even if they say that they care deeply about others (they are lying however, and only care about them deeply insofar as they can serve them in some way, even if it is just as someone who listens to them talk about themselves or their views). A celebrity narcissist often has many pictures of themselves or a few that will show a look on their face that can be described as smug or conceited or arrogant. Not all of their pictures will have such a look, but there will be usually, if there are many of them, at least one that shows it on their face. They are also boastful, though you may not always find a comment that is particularly boastful you will, if they are talkative, find one, or some arrogant comment though not necessarily boasting about their attributes. For example you may find a quote from them like, "If I wanted to I could have any girl I wanted" or an arrogant indirectly boastful one like, "This is a stupid world, just about everyone has their head in the wrong place. If the world wasn't so lazy they could get their act together and achieve something great for once." It's an arrogant insult of course to say such a thing, arrogant because when they say things like that they don't consider themselves as one of the stupid and lazy, and something they say will usually indicate that they feel they are an exception or one of the exceptions. They are hypocritical too, and make hypocritical statements, statements that contradict other statements they make and they are big excuse makers. I am not saying there is never anyone to share blame, but they rarely, except for publicity reasons will take blame, and if they do, they truly do not want to and something they may say will indicate that sometimes or the expression on their face may betray their words.

There's many narcissist celebrities in America who've I've identified, but can you list some that you are absolutely sure are narcissists in Japan? I would also like to know of any popular persons in fringe culture who are not necessarily celebrities, but well known among some aspect of Japanese culture, like say, some speculative area of science, or some artist in the art world of Japan. When you give me a list, or someone you are very sure is one, please give me their name in japanese characters too.

If you would like to be credited for your help please give me your name. If you want public credit for it, let me know.

Remember I would like your personal (little) list of the most indisputable Japanese celeb narcissists, not ones you are unsure of. Indisputable ones in America would be ones like Eminem, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan, Andrew Dice Clay, Michio Kaku, Madonna, etc. They are not narcissists merely because they have lots of pics of themselves, talk alot about themselves, say a few arrogant things, do some immature things. A key signs are very insulting remarks, consistently rude and arrogant behavior, paranoid beliefs, outrageous arrogance and boasting, like thinking they are like God, or something ridiculous like that.

if you want to know more about narcissism signs go look up narcissism and eternian on google.

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01-14-2015, 10:41 AM

lol, tell me a celebrity who isn't! These examples you brought aren't so clear to me as a disorder. Maybe you can show in some cases where you get your "evidence" from.

I would say Kinski and Kanye West have mental health problems.

Kinski once threatened and kept hostage an underaged presenter from Germany. The girl was interviewing him and he constantly asked her if she is frightened: "Aren't you scared? Come on, aren't you scared?". He raped his daughter allegedly and frequently told everybody how incompetent they are or that their questions are extremely stupid. One of his favourite topics was mental asylums. He once played a mental patient, as far as I know, or even got the recommendation to go in there when he was younger. Since then, he had some issues about the possibility that people around him could be insane. He quickly got irritated by the audience. If he heard something or someone talking, he couldn't ignore the people and even screamed at the audience.

West starts to talk about God over and over again but calls him/her/it "Yeezus" like a brand he created. There have been pictures of him in a Jesus-portrayal, skinhead-portrayal and let's not forget the white trash-portrayal with Kim on the motor cycle. He was yelling at a radio host: "You don't have the answers" when he was questioned about his attitudes. He seems to be obsessed with opression by white people. As far as I know he critizised the grammy commitee because he didn't win in a specific year. He still critizises MTV for not giving a video award to Beyoncé and let's not forget that he even stormed on stage and took the award out of Taylor Swift's hands. However, he did not start to manipulate or threaten anyone.

And you also would find narcissitic personalities (without a psychiatric disorder), a lot. Especially among politics and I guess Fox News (Michelle Malkin!, Sean Hannity?, Glenn Beck!, Rush Limbaugh maybe as well). Also other people in the media (Oprah?, Barbra Walters?). Also in people who are leading teams like in economy (Donald Trump would be perfect but he isn't I would say, just an asshole), casting events (Simon Cowell!), religious leaders (Tom Cruise believes he is chosen), managers for sport teams, etc. Piers Morgan developed some issues but I guess, this developed over the last years.

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01-16-2015, 11:27 PM

I can't really tell if you're being for real or not. If you're a researcher, then why would you ask for help at a forum for people who enjoy Japanese culture? Shouldn't you go meet these people and then judge for yourself (assuming you have the qualifications for doing so)? Maybe go to a psychologists' forum and ask? Keep in mind that this is a public forum. I highly doubt that anyone here would be qualified to label someone a narcissist.

Being a narcissist goes way deeper than simply thinking highly of oneself. It's a disorder, not just something we call bratty celebs who don't get their way.

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