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  1. I am 28 years old male Japanese in LA
  2. tell me about yourself to let me know you
  3. how do you make friends on here
  4. Looking for friends from Asia
  5. I come from Viet Nam
  6. Looking for Japanese pen-pals
  7. I need new friends!!!
  8. Hi, I'm looking japanese friends (and language exchange)
  9. Looking For Friends From Everywhere
  10. Msn Messenger?
  11. An spanish looking for international friends!
  12. [African] American girl looking for friends (^___^)
  13. Mixed Girl lookin for friends~!!
  14. I Need Friends
  15. こんにちは
  16. Ohayo!
  17. Hello , i come from Hong Kong and want to make some japanese freidns
  18. Here in Japan!!
  19. Searching for Tsutomu Ogawa
  20. i need a pen-pal
  21. looking for a friend *tear tear*
  22. Kon'nichiwa! I am a noob
  23. I´m looking for people from all over the world^^
  24. looking for friends
  25. Vorrei avere gli amici italiani !
  26. Anyone want to be my penpal?
  27. My Mailbox is Lonely, Looking for World Wide Penpals!
  28. Looking for japanese penpal
  29. Looking for friends!
  30. a Lonely Puertorican looking for Worldwide Penpals (U.S. U.K etc etc Japaaaaaaan '-'
  31. Looking For friends everywhere!
  32. I'm a spanish boy
  33. New And Looking For Friends
  34. hello
  35. from Japan
  36. wanting to make freinds including japanese ones
  37. hey
  38. Friends from Anywhere
  39. Japanese girl looking for friends
  40. New here and would like to make some friends
  41. Silly high school girl looking for a Japanese penpal. ((More info inside))
  42. just asking
  43. just looking for some friends to chat with
  44. Make friends over the world
  45. English girl looking for Japanese friends.
  46. i want to make freinds. mostly boys as freinds.
  47. Swiss student - Japanese Uni
  48. Annoying American in Search of Friends!
  49. Heya!
  50. First post ever
  51. Bay Area boy looking for Japan friends
  52. Irish Gal
  53. Bronx Girl looking for friend
  54. looking for friends in Japan or anywhere around the world
  55. i want meet new friend in japan
  56. A Chinese boy,looking for a Japanese friend
  57. LadyOfTheSpiders seeks friends
  58. Hello
  59. A 10th grade high school girl looking for japanese penpal.
  60. !I'm new at JF!..& I want to Know you..
  61. I want to know japan girls!
  62. looking for a japanese girl
  63. The Empress Would Like Friends
  64. Looking for Naruto freaks!
  65. my family!
  66. looking for japanese friend
  67. looking 4 Naruto, Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, ext. freaks.an maby some yaoi fans^^
  68. Hihi....Hong Kong girl who wants to learn Japanese
  69. hey #2
  70. American girl, 16, and looking for Japanese Penpal!
  71. Domo... anyone want a penpal?
  72. penn mate
  73. I want to make more friends
  74. can i have some friends
  75. Friends please...
  76. Hi...
  77. Looking for a japanese friends or penpals
  78. Finnish girl wants to japanese penpal. =^^=
  79. Looking for some penpals
  80. greetings from austria / wanna be penpals?
  81. gold
  82. For Hentailover92 Whiteboylikesmanga Reap616 Italinanleather Cherryblossomhime
  83. Japanese pen pal
  84. looking for japanese penpal
  85. 14 yr old male
  86. looking for friends to im with
  87. hiya new friends!!
  88. I want more!!!
  89. Looking for someone to IM with!!!
  90. Let's become friends & ともだちになりましょう
  91. Let's become friends & ともだちになりましょう
  92. Looking for Canadian Friends!
  93. American Girl looking 4 Japanese friends
  94. Looking for a pen pal
  95. Looking for Japanese friend for AIM or here
  96. Looking for some japanese friends
  97. Hey everyone! Friends?
  98. I need friends....
  99. Hi im looking for a japanese pinpal.......
  100. would sum1 im w/ me
  101. Will U Bee Mee Friend?
  102. I'm American and hoping to make some new friends
  103. The hunt for PEEPZ
  104. ともだち!
  105. Looking 4 some friends
  106. i need someone to talk to!
  107. Any one from Australia?
  108. girl from hong kong want meet friends
  109. want some new friends
  110. Loking for Japanese friends
  111. New member
  112. Looking for Penpal
  113. friends needed!!!!!
  114. Hi guys
  115. Lokking for friends,any kind!
  116. tell me about yourself!
  117. Looking for a friend~
  118. Hi there!
  119. Hello peoplez
  120. hey wanna be friends???
  121. Looking for friends from around the world ^.^
  122. Everybody ハロ。!!^^*
  123. new friends
  124. i wanna friend with common interests
  125. check out some my anime artwork
  126. anyone from shizouka?
  127. I have a wish ...a very good friend...
  128. An American girl looking for buddies ^_^
  129. spanish girl looking for japanese friends
  130. Portuguese guy living in England looking for like-minded friends :)
  131. Hello i'm new and willing to make friends :)
  132. hello
  133. um..i guess looking for friends
  134. Aussie Here Looking To Japan :)
  135. female American looking for female Japanese friend
  136. Hello All
  137. Wow there is an overabundance of these...
  138. Can you be my friend??
  139. Looking for friends of any country or any gender!!
  140. Mamboz! want to be my friend?
  141. Yes another I wanna make some friends thread.
  142. A Chinese boy looking for Japanese PenpalS!!
  143. American Teenager looking for a Japanese Penpal
  144. indian looking for friendz
  145. Italian Looking for Friends...
  146. American Girl looking for a Japanese Penpal
  147. Looking japanese friend.
  148. American Male from LA. I just got back from Japan
  149. ello! be meh friend! DX eve636! :3 pwweeaase
  150. i am frm india
  151. I am from Indonesia
  152. Looking for friends
  153. onegaishimasu
  154. looking for Japanese friends
  155. Chinese boy wanna to make friend from over the world.....
  156. Anyone care to talk? I am in Tokyo.
  157. wat dey do!
  158. ~female Penpals~
  159. Hi pplz im new here and i need some friends!^^
  160. boy looking for a penpal from japan!
  161. hi
  162. I´m looking for mailfriends&penpals! ^^
  163. Hello , do u remember me?
  164. i want a japanese friend
  165. i want a japanese friend
  166. Cutebubbalicious
  167. If you are japanese...
  168. Hi - looking to make some friends
  169. Hi
  170. any french or french speaking person in Osaka?
  171. Girl from Germany looking for Girls from Everywhere!
  172. New to Forums.
  173. Hi from Beijing!
  174. I returned after an absence
  175. Hello, I'm a Guy From US
  176. Hey #3 (third attempt)
  177. Peepz
  178. Newb to Japan forum
  179. Hi, From Arabia , interested in Japanese people
  180. London girl looking for penpal/email 'buddy'/friend
  181. well last one didnt go as well
  182. sOmEbOdY tO tAlK tO
  183. from KeNjouRi to the japanese girls or gaijins in japan :)
  184. Dutch guy looking for Japanese friends
  185. who wants to be my friend??
  186. who wants to be my aisian friend??
  187. so friends
  188. tomodachi
  189. Otaku Holy Land Tour
  190. Looking for friends from Japan, USA and UK ^^
  191. looking friends in Fukuoaka
  192. I really need friends....
  193. Yaoi/slash/manga
  194. 18 Years Old Girl Looking For Females All Over The World
  195. Canadian Girl looking for Japanese Penpal :D
  196. any one in Ohio???
  197. Japanese Guy in San Francisco
  198. just a metalhead who loves asians
  199. White American Guy Looking For Pen Pal.
  200. looking for someone to talk and learn japanese possibly
  201. im looking for japanese friend
  202. Hi
  203. Canadian looking for a Japanese Penpal
  204. Looking for japanese/korean friends....
  205. Anyone from Japan want to teach a gaijin like me Japanese and be my friend???
  206. American girl looking for Japanese penpal
  207. Guy rom the USA looking for Japanese pals!
  208. 15 Year Old American Girl Looking For Anyone.
  209. ~Looking for Friends~
  210. Girl looking for chinese, japanese, Korean, any other country penpals
  211. im so lonely
  212. modern art culture in japan
  213. 22 year old white male looking for japanese pen pals
  214. Looking for friendly people to talk to =]
  215. Looking for friendly people to talk too.
  216. looking for Japanese friend in Guangzhou
  217. need a japanese friend plz
  218. does any1 wanna be my friend i have no 1
  219. Looking for Japanese friends ^_^
  220. Konnichiwa!!! I need some friends.
  221. Hi! Looking for friends of all countries.
  222. looking to make friend with japanese
  223. I from Russian !!!!
  224. looking for penpals
  225. Hello...American girl
  226. Awsome girl looking 4 new friends!
  227. American Girl looking for penpals...
  228. Hello
  229. New user looking for friends(s)!
  230. Days of the Week Underwear. . .
  231. ll___....Hii All .. New Member ....___ll
  232. Ciao Japan Italian man looking for friends!!
  233. American guy looking for penpals
  234. New Member needs friends
  235. American girl looking for japanese penpal
  236. new filipina member+.+need some friends.
  237. Looking for Japanies friends
  238. Goth american girl
  239. Awsome girl looking 4 new friends!.
  240. American Girl looking for Japanese Penpal
  241. ペンパル日本人の少年を探しています。
  242. Canadian Girl lookin' for a Japanese penpal. ^^
  243. Still looking for friends T.T
  244. New Member: Would Like Friends
  245. Need English Speaker's
  246. Would you be my friend? *puppy-eyes*
  247. Hello
  248. Pen Pal with Japanese Friend Would Be Nice
  249. Hihihi~
  250. American looks For Japanese Penpal.