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12-22-2008, 05:59 PM

Originally Posted by ZedKnightly View Post
but even though i got saddend by the fact that she cant / wont go together with me, i proved that i think i really love her. all the while shes talking to me all i can feel was my heart pounding, kept staring at her eyes. and saw the kindness in her more and more, to go through that trouble for me.

Nonononononononononononononononononono. Just no.

Question: What are her goals? What are her dreams? What does she like to do? What does she do for fun? Her favorite movies? Does she have a car? Does she even know how to drive? Does she want children? What's her dream life like? What's her favorite color?

These are just some of the crazy questions two people may ask on dates, and you, good sir, haven't even been on one date with this woman.

Here's what I know:
She's cute, but not drop dead georgeous.
She's got a cute personality.
She's friendly.
She cares about others.
Her smile is welcoming.

^This is a blueprint, not the real deal. It's great that you love those traits, and there's nothing wrong with it. But if you're going to mouth off that you're "in love" with this woman when you don't even know if you two are compatable enough to be in a relationship without snarling at each other, then you're not being fair to her, and you clearly don't know what you want. You're in love with the blueprint, not the real deal. Of course you're switched on to this woman, she sounds quite attractive from what you've told us. But you still haven't told us who this woman is, most likely because you don't know who this woman is yourself.

If you want to get to meet this woman, ask her for a cup of coffee. There is nothing wrong with this at all, even if she's dating another guy. A coffee, a drink, something, anything that'd let you two sit down for an extended period of time and get to know one another.

If I had to say anything, I know one thing for certain: you're a Nice Guy; the guy who claims he's an idealist but doesn't have any idea as to what he wants; the guy who's a pushover at every turn because he just wants to be cared for as he cares for others.

Trust me, you are not in love with this woman. You are highly infatuated, you are very much switched on, and you don't have your eye on other woman at the moment, but you are not in love with this woman.


How in the world do people reach 1,000+ posts?

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12-22-2008, 10:43 PM

i agree complately with 3-eye (its said with love )

and i also agree completely :P

how can you LOVE her...when you have not had sex with her....?

she might be like washed up tuna...AKA...dead fish...and thats NEVER FUN

Thus...even more REASON why you should shag her..

Listen dude....by my calculations...you have about a week or so left...

WHAT do you have to lose?

dont drag her down with feelings...

tell her you think she is hot...

put flirting into overdrive...

talk some philosiphy about how life is about connections yadda yadda,
better not to think what if...blah blah
make the most of experiences....waffle waffle waffle...

Next time you see her...

slap her on the ass....when she turnes around and looks shocked...

thats when you say..."WHAT?!?...your hot!"

cos times a runnin out dude...

now is NOT the time for shy little moves!!

make some noise...and make sure you go out with a BANG...

happy hunting
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